Monday, March 29, 2010

How to "F"ell a Tree

Really the titile of this should be "How to find time to Blog everyday".  So this may not be a daily occurance but I will do as able. Anyways...
Today we learn about felling trees, using a chainsaw.  This blog is by no way advice so dont sue me if you get killed cutting a tree down.
Once you have your tree picked out, make sure you have appropriate gear: Sharp chainsaw, hard hat, glasses, propper clothing.
Deceide which way you want the tree to fall.  If there is no preferance, like a house or car in the way, try to fell it with its own natural lean in a clear path. 
Now make a v-notch.  The first cut, top cut, will be the flat one. Cut about 1/4 to 1/3, or 80% of the trees diameter. 
Next is the bottom cut.  The angle of the notch when the piece is out should be about 70 degrees. Now cut at an upward angle of about 20 degrees to meet the end of the top cut.  Hopefull the notch you created will be able to come out now.  Always being carefull in case the tree deceids to break at any moment.  Always face the tree and dont run twords the back, go to the side.  With the notch out, this is the way the tree is going to fall (We hope).
The third and final cut will come from the back.  Cut flat and go in leaving about 1/10 the tress diameter to provide a hinge for the tree to fall.  Hopefully this will be at a point where the trees own weight will pull it down.  Dont forget to get yourself out of there, safely, as to not get smacked.
Now with the tree down, you can move along on your way, leaving the tree and knowing you did good, leaving one less tree for the mean old Spotted Owl to live in.

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  1. The chain saw is the scariest part of the whole operation. think I will hire a tree surgeon for the one on the side of our house. I don't need a lawsuit from the neighbors. (:0)