Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to "E"liminate bad breath

Seems simple enough, but why is there so much halitosis around and in us?  The obvious things like brushing, flossing, etc, are things many of us do daily.  Well I dont floss daily, as I am a fair weather flosser, mostly starting the week before I go to the dentist so it looks like I am doing a good job, but thats besides the point.  One area often left untouched is the tounge.  Brushing or even scraping it daily will eliminate tons of the breath problems.
Areas that cause bad breath: what we eat - protein breakdown of things like fish and milk in the digestive track can lead to issues. Coffee is a common culprit.  For those Costco hot dog lovers, hot dogs have protein (at least they are supposed to), ever been around someone who burps after eating one of their dogs? It will almost knock you out.
What we dont eat-dehydration, dry mouth and the like will cause bad breath.
Dental issues:  Halitosis can be caused by the more serious problem of gum disease.  If nothing is helping, talk with the dentist to discuss your oral care.
Smoking, certain medicines and girl issues will also effect your ability to tell a secret without someone falling over.
Finally gum, moouthwash, spray, mints and the like, will not solve the problem.  These will only mask the odor.  But better to chew some gum than nothing.  Just like deoderant.  I will be around masked pitts any day vs. unmasked.
So make sure tonight before bed you brush and floss (if you are going to the dentist), and repeat in AM.


  1. Halitosis is pretty gross. Good dental habits (another H word) help that.
    Thanks for commenting on my post too.

  2. Oops, I guess the letter was E bad.