Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to "G"uess what nuber someone is thinking.

A little magic trick for today.  I will be able to guess your number, at least within one number.  It will be at the bottom of the post, so no peaking.
First know you are going to be adding up numbers.  There are 4 steps:
Write down the year you were born
Write down the year something special occured in your life
Write down your age
Write down how many years since that special event.

Did you come up with a number?

I bet I know what it is...

IT IS 4020!!!

Hows it done?  Cant tell.  A good magician never tells!

Monday, March 29, 2010

How to "F"ell a Tree

Really the titile of this should be "How to find time to Blog everyday".  So this may not be a daily occurance but I will do as able. Anyways...
Today we learn about felling trees, using a chainsaw.  This blog is by no way advice so dont sue me if you get killed cutting a tree down.
Once you have your tree picked out, make sure you have appropriate gear: Sharp chainsaw, hard hat, glasses, propper clothing.
Deceide which way you want the tree to fall.  If there is no preferance, like a house or car in the way, try to fell it with its own natural lean in a clear path. 
Now make a v-notch.  The first cut, top cut, will be the flat one. Cut about 1/4 to 1/3, or 80% of the trees diameter. 
Next is the bottom cut.  The angle of the notch when the piece is out should be about 70 degrees. Now cut at an upward angle of about 20 degrees to meet the end of the top cut.  Hopefull the notch you created will be able to come out now.  Always being carefull in case the tree deceids to break at any moment.  Always face the tree and dont run twords the back, go to the side.  With the notch out, this is the way the tree is going to fall (We hope).
The third and final cut will come from the back.  Cut flat and go in leaving about 1/10 the tress diameter to provide a hinge for the tree to fall.  Hopefully this will be at a point where the trees own weight will pull it down.  Dont forget to get yourself out of there, safely, as to not get smacked.
Now with the tree down, you can move along on your way, leaving the tree and knowing you did good, leaving one less tree for the mean old Spotted Owl to live in.

Thanks to for portions of our lesson of the day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to "E"liminate bad breath

Seems simple enough, but why is there so much halitosis around and in us?  The obvious things like brushing, flossing, etc, are things many of us do daily.  Well I dont floss daily, as I am a fair weather flosser, mostly starting the week before I go to the dentist so it looks like I am doing a good job, but thats besides the point.  One area often left untouched is the tounge.  Brushing or even scraping it daily will eliminate tons of the breath problems.
Areas that cause bad breath: what we eat - protein breakdown of things like fish and milk in the digestive track can lead to issues. Coffee is a common culprit.  For those Costco hot dog lovers, hot dogs have protein (at least they are supposed to), ever been around someone who burps after eating one of their dogs? It will almost knock you out.
What we dont eat-dehydration, dry mouth and the like will cause bad breath.
Dental issues:  Halitosis can be caused by the more serious problem of gum disease.  If nothing is helping, talk with the dentist to discuss your oral care.
Smoking, certain medicines and girl issues will also effect your ability to tell a secret without someone falling over.
Finally gum, moouthwash, spray, mints and the like, will not solve the problem.  These will only mask the odor.  But better to chew some gum than nothing.  Just like deoderant.  I will be around masked pitts any day vs. unmasked.
So make sure tonight before bed you brush and floss (if you are going to the dentist), and repeat in AM.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to "D"istill Water...

The D word of the day is "distill".  Havent you always wanted to know how to distill water. Well wonder no more.  Distilling water is based of the idea that the bad stuff in water will heat up and turn to steam slower than the actual water, or good parts.
You will need a couple of beakers, a distilling tube (copper or glass), and a heat source.  You want to have each end of the distilling tube sealed in each beaker so the steam will only go in the tube not into the air. 
First heat up the water in the first beaker, as the water evaportates and turns to steam, it will travel along the distilling tube, cooling down, and becoming a solid water again.  What ends up in the second beaker is the distilled water without the bacteria, metals and stuff you dont want. you want to run out and try it yourself.  Come back often and you can never say, "I didnt learn something today"!

How to..."C"onvert celsius to Fahrenheit

Todays learning is really for the 22nd, but since I am still up on the 23, we will still count it as the 22nd and have a new one for latter today on the 23rd.
There is a multitude of ways to go about changing C to F.  One that is too complicated for "in your head" math, another that is a bit simpler, and yet another I feel is the easiest.  I will focus on the last two.
First:  Have your number..18 C. Take 18 multiply it by 9. 18x9=162, then devide it by 5. 162/5=32.4. Then add 32. 32+32.4=64.4 F.  Fairly simple, but still a bit hard to do in your head.
I have another way that will come very close and is easily done in your head.  18C again.  Take 18 multiplied by 2. 18x 2=36. Then subtract the first number of the answer (3), unless the second number is > or = to 5 then round up, as in this case.  36-4=32.  Then add 32.  32+32=64 F. 
Try it out with some different numbers. It may sound complicated at first but it will take no time once you get the hang of it.  Todays first example was taken from

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daily Web ABC "A and B"

Since I just got started I am including A and B, because the learning started yesterday.
"A"-Learned about how to AUDITION for Disney Channel shows.  Mostly what I learned is that you need to audition and have experience like any other audition (acting classes, etc.)  Not much usefull information for me, but interesting.
"B"-Well you may have guessed it.  How to Blog. And this is where it will begin and I will contiue to learn.  You are free to join me and add your learning for the day.