Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to "K"now how many teaspoons of surgar are in your drink

As long as you have a lable on your drink, this is a quick, easy approximate way to know how many tsps of surgar you are loading up on when you "just have a Coke".
The math is pretty easy.  Just take the total number of grams of surgar (remember a bottle of something usually has two servings), and divide it by 4.  This will give you a close enough estimate to think about making a healthier choice.
Lets look a four different beverages or sizes:
  • 12oz can of Coke=30.9g or approx 10 tsp of surgar
  • McDonalds large Coke=86g or 21 tsp of surgar
Or maybe you would like to go "healthy":
  • Jamba Juice original size Bannana Berry=84g or 21 tsp of surgar
  • Snapple Peach Ice Tea=48g or 12 tsp of surgar
I know, I know many people would say, "I dont need to count calories in my drink, I only have one Coke a day". But consider that if you have a large Coke at McDonalds that is approx 1/6th your total recommended daily calories for the day.
Hmmm..what to do with the rest of the calories...maybe a quick stop by Jamba Juice for a snack before lunch.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to "J"udge distance walked

Handy for shorter distances, like how far to the corner, but can be used to measure longer walks and hikes.
First start out with a tape measure.  Put a marker (stick) on your start point. Then measure out 100 ft. Place another marker at the end.  Then start walking at a normal relaxed pace from one stick to another. Each time your left foot hits the ground, that will count for one, or one pace. (Right, Left = One).  Do this 3-4 times to establish a reliable number.  You can then take this too anywhere.  If you counted out 20, then you know every 20 paces is 100 ft.  Going up or down hills will effect the number slightly, but you should be within about 5 feet every 100 paces.
Cheap and easy...who needs a pedometer?