Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to "D"istill Water...

The D word of the day is "distill".  Havent you always wanted to know how to distill water. Well wonder no more.  Distilling water is based of the idea that the bad stuff in water will heat up and turn to steam slower than the actual water, or good parts.
You will need a couple of beakers, a distilling tube (copper or glass), and a heat source.  You want to have each end of the distilling tube sealed in each beaker so the steam will only go in the tube not into the air. 
First heat up the water in the first beaker, as the water evaportates and turns to steam, it will travel along the distilling tube, cooling down, and becoming a solid water again.  What ends up in the second beaker is the distilled water without the bacteria, metals and stuff you dont want.
See...now you want to run out and try it yourself.  Come back often and you can never say, "I didnt learn something today"!