Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to "O"rganize a Nerf Punk photo shoot

Yes, it's finally hear by popular demand.  Many of you have requested an article on the classic art of photographing a "Nerf Punk" shoot.
Nerf Punk became popular once again in 2009, when the Nerf Dart Tag, World Championship was held to celebrate Non-Expanding Recreational Foam's (NERF) 40th year anniversary.  This photo style has become so popular that Nerf executives are in talks to start a line of Nerf Punk action figures. 

A photo shoot of this caliber is no easy task to pull off.  The setting must be right.  Not to mention careful selection of the proper model.  She (yes she, as this contrasts earlier Neft Punk photos, where the model was always a male character), must be strong, attractive and even a bit of a ham.  Modern Nerf Punk characters are always female. 

The setting and dress must be classic, yet modern.  Not overly bright, but colorful.  Too bright and you will wash out the beauty of the Nerftastic instruments, too dull and you will void the character.
Finally. as with all photo shoots, the model must be well fed, kept warm, and treated with the up most respect and privacy.  A steady supply of donuts, and ice cream, warm blankets, as well a privacy tent will help you to achieve this.
As an ode to both the classic and new, repeat these sayings to the model through out your session:
  • There's Only one Nerf
  • It's Nerf or Nothin'

Well, that's about it.  Don't be fooled by its simplicity.  It's harder than you think.

The above blog is meant as fun and does not represent views or beliefs of Hasbro.  This blog is a mixture of fact and fiction.