Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to "J"udge distance walked

Handy for shorter distances, like how far to the corner, but can be used to measure longer walks and hikes.
First start out with a tape measure.  Put a marker (stick) on your start point. Then measure out 100 ft. Place another marker at the end.  Then start walking at a normal relaxed pace from one stick to another. Each time your left foot hits the ground, that will count for one, or one pace. (Right, Left = One).  Do this 3-4 times to establish a reliable number.  You can then take this too anywhere.  If you counted out 20, then you know every 20 paces is 100 ft.  Going up or down hills will effect the number slightly, but you should be within about 5 feet every 100 paces.
Cheap and easy...who needs a pedometer?

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  1. interesting Bubbster. I may have to give that a try. Of course that means that I need to get out there and take a walk. (:0)