Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to "H"ula Hoop

Finally back for a blog on a fun subject...The Hula Hoop.  Side note, the movie The Hudsucker Proxy, is a great fictional comedy show about the guy that invented to Hula Hoop.
Hula Hooping is no easy task, in fact, I still cant do it, but I will keep practicing and one day I will hoop away.  Thanks to the good folks at "hooping.org" for their circle of wisdom!
Appearently its all about the size of the hoop.  Especially for the adult beginner, it is important to find a hoop that is big enough.  Most kids hoops, sold at the stores are kids size, making it hard for adults to use.  They rotate too fast for our bigger bodies.  The size will be different for every one, but the general rule is that it should come up between your belly button and nipple line when standing up.  Thats a pretty big hoop for me.  Most people end up making their own, which may be a later post, in how to make a hoop, but we will see.
One important thing is figuring our which direction you hoop in.  Some hoop to the left while others hoop to the right.  Just do what feels natural to you.  You will know when you try.  Next make sure your stance is correct with one foot forward.  Start the rotation just above the waist and gently shift the weight back and forth between your two feet.  Try to avoid the classic mistake of wanting to rotate your hips.  You will have hoop dropsy every time.  Thats basically it.  It just takes alot of patience and practice as well as the right size hoop.
Hooping can be a great source of a cardio workout and just plain fun.  Good party ice breaker too.
Happy Hooping!

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  1. I'm afraid I have the dreaded disease called Hoop Dropsy.